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every booster. Another very common skin condition is extreme licking of the feet--between pads-top or bottom. This is often with incredible eruptions or pustules. This leads to a life-long regime of visits to the local clinic, courses and courses of antibiotics and steroids, and frustrated owners.

Why is hypothyroidism almost epidemic among middle-aged dogs?? Because the thyroid is one of the biggest members of the immune system.

All of these problems, not only occur in cats and dogs, but also in horses. Horses are also plagued with chronic diseases which can be traced back to immunizations.
Many horses receive their 'annual' shots each spring. This will often include rhino, strangles, influenza, west nile, E&W Encephalitis, tetanus--all at once!!! Holy cow.
So what problems can follow if the animal does not die of anaphylatic shock??

Colic--acute or chronic
Chronic dermatitis
Unthrifty condition
Equine Metabolic Syndrome

How stupid our equine friends must think we are to do this much damage to them??????? Please read my article on West Nile Vaccinations in horses.

There are actually several groups of veterinarians and pet owners trying to eliminate mandatory vaccinations. One of the top leaders is Dr. Jean Dodds in Santa Monica, Ca. She runs HEMOPET and offers the service of titering your dogs to prove they have sufficient immunization against certain diseases. This is often a legal alternative to yearly boosters.

There are alternatives out there!! One is called a homeopathic nosode. Dr. Charles Loops, DVM defines a nosode. "What Is A Nosode? In homeopathy, there is a special type of remedy called a nosode. A nosode (from nosos, the Greek word meaning disease) is a homeopathic preparation made from matter from a sick animal or person. Substances such as respiratory discharges or diseased tissues are used. It sounds repulsive, but the preparation, using alcohol, as well as the repeated dilution and succussion, essentially renders the substances harmless, while producing a powerful remedy. The use of nosodes in a prophylactic manner, for preventing disease, has been employed in veterinary and human homeopathy for many years. It is supported by various holistic veterinarians and authors." I use nosodes in my practice for all species of animals.

So there is a beautiful nosode for West Nile Vaccine in horses, for example. This has proven to be effective in preventing the disease in the equine. Higher frequencies of the same nosode can be used to treat the disease. For horses, there are nosodes for every disease, and holistic vets have certain schedules owners follow to administer them.

There are nosodes for all dog and cat diseases. These again can be used in prevention or treatment.
I carry these nosodes. I actually use many of them to reverse the auto-immune disease process. They are comparatively inexpensive and so safe to use.
Your animals are hoping you have realized the damage vaccines cause in their lives!!

by Dr. Jenifer Preston - May, 2010

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