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Epilepsy in Dogs and Cats

Epilepsy in dogs and cats can develop at any age. Allopathic veterinarians do not give you any real reason that this develops in your beloved dog or cat. Epilepsy in dogs is usually divided into two types:

1. Idiopathic Epilepsy - Idiopathic epilepsy is when there is no known cause for the condition and it is assumed by most practitioners to be an inherited condition.

2. Secondary Epilepsy - This diagnosis is used when a specific cause for the seizures can be found. A veterinarian will normally run a variety of tests to rule out possible physiological or toxic causes before diagnosing the dog as having the idiopathic version.

What the vets don't realize is that they themselves have very likely created this syndrome with vaccines. Yearly administration of multi-valent vaccines assault the animal's immune system over and over. More and more animals are developing 'auto-immune' diseases and the allopathic community has no idea why.

The culprit for seizures - except for the cases of malignancies of the brain or chemical poisonings-is often distemper and/ or rabies vaccines. Read again my article entitled 'Vaccinosis in Dogs and Cats' for a list of symptoms in chronic vaccine diseases. One of the biggest is seizures. Owners are often devastated by the onslaught of these often frequent seizures. They can range from mild twitching episodes to full blown repetitive or constant epileptic attacks.

The other culprit that I have found in this disease is parasites in the brain. Round worms (and others) can migrate to the brain and cause seizures.

One other common contributor to seizures is the use of topical flea products-any brand-they are all nasty. These products are absorbed in minutes directly into the blood stream and can go straight to the brain. I had a client with a German Shepherd-about one year of age-that applied frontline one night for the first time. The dog within minutes began to seizure. They ran to the emergency clinic for help.
IV's were installed immediately but the seizures would only stop for a few minutes. I saw the dog the next day at home but nothing would stop the seizures besides anaesthetic. When the anaesthetics wore off, the seizures resumed. The dog actually seizured to death after only one dose of the topical pesticide.

I use a variety of medications for seizures-I like potassium bromide the best when it is appropriate.
Additionally, I attempt to remove the vaccines from the patient through various means.

by Dr. Jenifer Preston
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