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If you own a dog, cat or other domesticated pet it's in your best interest to research holistic veterinarian practices. For years many pet owners subscribed to the standard routine of vaccines, pills, flea and tick sprays and other potentially harmful treatments that current research is proving to be a bad idea. Even generic pet food can be damaging to a pet's overall health if a pet owner isn't careful when checking the label for ingredients.

Many people assume pets have some special ability to eat anything, absorb any vaccine and digest any pill without having any adverse side effects. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your pet is not a machine it is a living organism and needs to be treated with care and respect for its well being. Yes a dog can gnaw on a raw bone and a cat may drag around a small mouse from time to time but the overall concern isn't what a pet does to itself but rather what trusted veterinarians are doing to your pet that matters.

Homeopathic vets are nothing new to the animal care industry. Though a minority compared to the big medicine and pharmaceutical companies that manufacture flea and tick sprays, pet foods, vaccines and medicines natural and holistic vets are taking a different approach to pet care that involves all natural diets and treatments that spare pets the harmful side effects of common flea and tick sprays and powders, multiple vaccination shots and pet food that shouldn't be consumed by anything much less a dog or cat.

People who truly love their faithful pet companions are advised to take a proactive approach to the well being of their dog or cat and consider alternative pet remedies that can work even better than chemical sprays and vaccines. Many pet owners trust blindly in the vet industry and would never think a vet is out to harm their pet intentionally. Of course no one is saying this is the case but when a pet starts to show debilitating signs from multiple vaccines and flea and tick sprays that can contain harmful toxins its time to ask the question, is this right for my pet?

Homeopathic Vets are not trying to discredit the veterinarian industry but are simply offering natural alternatives to vaccines, sprays, artificial ingredients in generic pet foods and medications that can cause more problems than they cure. If you truly care for your pet then consider contacting Holistic Vet Experts today and find out how you can take precautionary measures that will spare your beloved companion from a wide variety of harmful pet products and medicines that can actually shorten the life of your pet.

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 Case Histories


Results of routine heart worm treatment

Dana Matthews DC
Greg Hollandsworth DC

"Max the boxer has had quite a life. He was born in Texas on July 25, 2006 and for the first 2 ½ years of his life, he lived with a family who had too much going on to take proper care of him. They had too many kids and other dogs and so Max, being an energetic boxer puppy and too much to handle, got chained to a tree in the backyard. Finally the family decided to give Max up for adoption so that another family could offer him the life he deserved. Unfortunately, by the time they had decided to do that, Max had already been bitten by a mosquito that carried heartworms and it subsequently infected him...."

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